Submitting Your PDF For Print In 1-up Format

Published by MP Express - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Business card with trim marks
When submitting your PDF file to MP Express for commercial printing, please send your artwork in single page format. We also call this a 1-up PDF. What does this mean exactly? A 1-up PDF can be described as containing a single piece of artwork per page in a PDF file. As an example, if you are submitting business cards for us to print five different names, then your PDF should have five pages, each page representing a different name on each card. Click here to see an example PDF.


We prefer receiving business card PDFs in single page format. While we can take your artwork in a layout where you've set it up multiple times on a sheet, know that we may have to reconfigure the layout based on such specifications as press sheet size and final quantities which could end up costing you additional prepress time or delaying your project.


The example below shows 10 business cards on a sheet (this is what you want to avoid sending.) The reason why we prefer to have you send us the PDF file 1-up is because we will want to create the set-up for press through either our prepress department or in production, as is the case with our digital press. This set-up is known as imposition. Imposition is when the artwork is configured on the press sheet for print production. In most cases it's going to be more cost-effective for us to do the imposition because we have multiple presses on which we can print your artwork. 




The above example shows a layout with multiple business cards on a sheet.



If you have any questions on setting up your PDF to meet MP Express's print specifications, please feel free to contact us by phone at 831-758-9040 or by email:





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